PDO Thread Lift

Absorbable threads
The facelift without surgery.
Face Lift Innovation – it is a treatment that tightens the sagging of skin tissue, using Polydioxanone re-absorbable tensor threads (PDO).

SKIN and TISSUE Modeling


Treatment of fine lines and improvement
of the texture and the color of the skin.
Fractional laser COOLASER is a revolutionary technique
for the non-invasive skin resurfacing.


Micro-lipostructure, PRP, PRF

New techniques for fat and stem cells injection. Rejuvenate and rigenerate tissues: Nano fat, PRP, PRF.
Micro lipofilling is a very effective anti-ageing technique: Nano lipofilling helps to combat all the effects of face aging. This is the an evolution of the PRP or FRP injection techniques.
In medicine and cosmetic surgery Nano-lipostructure is now the innovative technique in aesthetic rigenerative medicine: it consists in isolating and injecting stem cells and growth factors from patients to rigenerate Aging tissues. The experience and the ability of the practitioner will shorten the surgical sequences of lipofilling.


Innovative Treatment Dark Circles

Hyalurostructure or Microlipostructure of the dark circles.
Dr. Philippe Berros patented reinforced microcanulas.
The injection must be careful and avoid all vascular lesions where the interest of the cannulas.
Hyaluronic acid is especially suited for the filling of the face and dark circles:
naso-labial folds wrinkles lion’s wrinkles, bitterness wrinkles, and forehead wrinkles, re-shaping of the lips (hem, red lips), the Medio, facial region, orbital and mandibular margins and the correction of defects of the nasal pyramid. The wrinkle fillers, facial wrinkles or / and the remodeling of the facial volumes come true with absorbable products.


Eye and face rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of the gaze and Expression in the eyes: BOTOX, DYSPORT, RESTYLANE, PIX'L BOTOX® Cosmetic contains a very tiny quantities a highly purified and refined proteinof the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic in the muscles causing the lion and Crow's feet wrinkles in order to reduce temporarily the activity of these muscles. The result is a reduction in the appearance of these wrinkles.


Facelift face without surgery

ULTHERAPY: ULTHERA eyelid and face lift without surgery with ultrasounds technology Find out how ultrasound can lift without surgery. As and as we get older, our skin loses its tonicity and elasticity, causing a decrease of the collagen in the deep epidermis structures and it is partly responsible for the increase of the laxity of the skin. Ulthera® stimulates the creation of new collagen in the dermis to lift the tissues in a non-invasive way.


Eyelid lift

Treatment of the drooping eyelids.
Small Lesions or skin imperfections without surgery and without scars.
What are the indications for the PLEXR:
• the upper and lower eyelids
• expression lines
• scars
• age spots
• warts
• xanthelasma (lipid stains)


Radio frequency

The Pelleve treatment allows, among other things,to tighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a true facial rejuvenation. Patients who had a Pelleve treatment say they have felt like a warm massage to the face. Radio frequency (RF) allows practitioners to heat the thin skin of the face securely in order to stimulate and contract collagen and this, without damaging the epidermis. By increasing the resistance, we observe an accumulation of heat at the deep layers of the skin, which denatures the present collagen stimulating the neocollagenesis.
New Procedure

Ponytail Procedure : All in One Time

New Procedure that combines in one session the best safe techniques: injection products, tensor threads and laser new generation for the look, face and neck.
Once a year in addition to the usual treatments
Running time: 1h30 – Local anesthesia – Social eviction: 12 hours – No pain, no bruises

Botox ou Dysport Botulinum Toxin

For the upper part of the face, chin, bitter folds and neck

Hyalurostructure of the eye

For dark circles, eyebrows, temporal and hollow eyes

Restylane of different concentration

For static wrinkles and support of anatomical area


For cheekbones and facial contours (jawline)

PDO tensor threads

For the look, eyebrows, oval of the face and neck

Skinbooster Restylane et mesolift

To improve skin quality and elasticity

Coolaser full face and neck

Erbium fractional non ablative laser split at the end of the session to re-energize the different skin layer


Bioremodelage is an innovative approach to anti-aging treatments and it acts directly on skin laxity. Thanks to its composition, PROFHILO® offers a double action.

2 actions for a unique result

The Moisturizing and Bio Regenerative action:

Resulting from a balanced concentration of hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight that stimulates endogenous production of hyaluronic acid.

The Lifting action:

Resulting from hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight that prevents sagging skin while reshaping the face.


Bioremodelage with an immediate tensor effect

The new sustainable anti-ageing solution, which nourishes dermal cells and restores skin firmness.

International Medical Center of Monaco

Welcome to the MIMC

Our eye Center has ultramodern equipements from the United States, Japan and Germany, in order to better serve our patients.
The MIMC aims to provide eye care and aesthetic services using the best technology and skills. The Center has diagnostic and therapeutic materials of last generation.

To achieve this objective, the center makes available to his patients:
Fully equipped with ultramodern equipment of the United States, the Japan and Germany • a team of phacomulsification specialized surgeons LASIK Laser, retinal disordes laser treatment

A worldwide medical and surgical treatment for all diseases of the eyes and eyelids.
Specialists in glaucoma and cornea disease and oculoplastic outpatient surgery according to european standards • air-conditioned • entirely computerized record keeping

DISEASES of eyes and the EYELIDS and their treatments age-related ,macular degeneration • amblyopia (lazy eye) • diabetes • cataract and eye • dry eyes • flashes and body floating • glaucoma • high blood pressure • high myopia and eye Laser LASIK • diagnostic visual disorders in child • errors of refraction and retinal detachment • strabismus • thyroid disease

Athos Palace . 2 rue de la lujerneta . 98000 Monaco

Centre Médical
International de Monaco